When his blackboard and chalk became blood and road: His profile

He must have been a reputable and respectable Teacher because he earned the respect of the townspeople and of his fellow prinicipallia. In 1882, he became a secretary of the Court of Peace in Tuburan; which he held until 1888. After this, he was voted by the principallia to become a 2nd lieutenant in the same area. In 1892, he was elected as gobernadorcillo, which he held until 1894. The next year, he became the municipal captain until 1896.

But his story really did not begin in his government positions and title as a Teacher.  His story began when he gave up his position in the government, his job, a relatively comfortable life—all that need be in his pursuit for his Filipina’s freedom.

He was General Arcadio Maxilom y Molero, born on the 13th of November 1862; a native of Tuburan, Cebu.  His Mother devotedly assisted and supported the needs of his Father who served as the town gobernadorcillio.  His Father owned a land in that municipality. He was a Filipino who received education; first through the cartilla; then, later on through a Tuburan priest who tutored him.   The education he received was necessary to enable him to acquire civil service positions. At age 15, he was already a school teacher at Tuburan and he served for four (4) more years.  With all these, History classified him as a prinicipallia.

How was he delivered into the battlefield?

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